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Doozy Digital Solutions is a full-service digital marketing agency & strategy firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We partner with small-to-medium sized businesses, startups, entrepreneurs and non-profits to advise on, develop and manage your digital footprint, so you can focus on what you do best: running, managing and growing your business.


We offer a variety of services to help you get the most out of what our digitally connected world has to offer - giving you a leg up on your competition and maximizing your business' potential in this new and dynamic marketplace. 

We're a small group that takes tremendous pride in our work and a personal approach to business and our clients. We are your partners for growth and will help you navigate the stressful and ever-changing world of technology and the web.


Using the best-in-class technology, we build websites and apps that perform. With a full team of passionate designers and developers working on cutting edge solutions and challenging conventional wisdom, we customize interactive development for every client need.


We create and implement online marketing strategies that move customers, deepen bonds and inspire action. We apply a series of customized tactics to bring qualified traffic to your site and foster deep customer loyalty. Our goal is to turn discovery into conversion and your customers into your advocates. 


We bring your ideas to life with beautifully executed, high-quality creative design. Our websites, apps, graphics, videos, and campaigns help build a compelling brand story that is engaging, aesthetically pleasing, and will strongly resonate with your customers.


We build brands with razor-sharp strategy and outside-the-box thinking. We analyze every aspect of your industry and apply our digital expertise & best practices to provide a roadmap for success. We create campaigns that tell a story, generate awareness and build lifetime customer loyalty and engagement.


Igniting brands with brilliance, Doozy Digital Solutions pioneers a vibrant evolution in the digital marketing realm. Our mission is to be the avant-garde artisans of smart marketing, sculpting campaigns that transcend the ordinary and resonate with the extraordinary.

At the heart of our creative mission is an unwavering commitment to transforming data into narratives, algorithms into artistry, and impressions into indelible connections. We exist not merely to market; we craft digital symphonies that harmonize innovation, strategy, and a touch of magic to leave an indelible imprint on the hearts and minds of your audience.

Our mission is to be the architects of possibility, designing immersive experiences that captivate, campaigns that resonate, and results that reverberate. We believe that in the dynamic dance of the digital world, creativity is the guiding force that propels brands from being noticed to being unforgettable.

We are not just marketers; we are storytellers, weaving tales of triumph for brands ready to embrace the spotlight. Our mission is to break through the noise, disrupt the mundane, and illuminate your brand in the digital constellation.

Join us on a mission where the ordinary is banished, the extraordinary is embraced, and your brand's narrative is etched into the digital cosmos. Welcome to Doozy Digital Solutions, where smart marketing meets inspired storytelling, and every campaign is a work of art in the grand gallery of digital innovation.

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